Fall: Flu Shots


The flu, or influenza, is not just a bad cold.
Every year thousands of Americans die from influenza and hundreds of thousands of days of work are missed due to this preventable disease.

The ideal time to be immunized is October and November but September is not too early and you can be immunized as late as February or March. The shot does not “give you the flu” as some people claim. Even if you think you are at low risk for flu, (because you work from home for example) unless you are a hermit, you can be exposed in social settings. If you are self employed, you really can’t afford to get the flu and be flat on your back for a week or more. And the flu shot isn’t just for you. You don’t want to be the person who gives an infant or an elderly person a fatal case of influenza.

My staff and I get the flu shot EVERY YEAR, to protect us and our patients.

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